Buying Uniforms in Australia- What You Need to Know

Uniforms are fast making a comeback in corporate spaces. They are already being used in the hospitality industry, as you may have seen waiters and bellboys wearing different uniforms. However, uniforms are also becoming popular in the corporate world. Numerous research studies have shown that wearing uniforms can actually prove to be beneficial for your employees. Not only do uniforms make it easy for your employees to focus less on their dress and more on the workday, but it also promotes a sense of teamwork and unity between your employees.

However, as an employer, you will be responsible for ordering the uniforms. There are plenty of different companies from which you can purchase uniforms. Many companies that sell uniforms in Australia also have their own online stores, thus making it easy for you to order a set of uniforms directly through the company’s online portal.

Choosing the Uniform

The first decision that you need to make is about the type of uniforms you want. For men, you can choose the style of the shirt and pants, and even provide guidelines about the type of shoes that are acceptable for the workplace. For women, you can choose a skirt and a blouse, or a standard pair of slacks and a shirt. Many companies that sell uniforms throughout the country also offer the option of custom designing. The company will show you numerous designs from which you can choose. Furthermore, you can also opt to get your company’s logo emblazoned on the uniform, or distribute badges to your employees to put on their shirts.


Requesting Quotes

Once the initial design for the uniform has been completed, you will need to request quotes from several major companies before you come to a decision. Different uniform suppliers will obviously give a different quote, which is why it’s important for you to make a decision carefully. You should request quotes from at least two or three different companies before placing the order.

Most companies will also be willing to send you a sample of their uniforms in order to give you an idea about the fitting and the quality of the fabric used. It’s important that you check the quality of the fabric before placing an order so that you don’t end up overpaying for low-quality uniforms.

Ideally, you will be ordering uniforms throughout the course of the year. Therefore, it’s important for you to be very careful when making a decision about which supplier to work with. Some suppliers will give you a low quote, but the quality of their fabric will be extremely poor. The uniform represents your entire firm, so it’s important that the material and quality of the fabric be top quality. You should compare different samples and choose the one which offers the best value for money. The uniforms can be delivered in common sizes such as small, medium, large and extra-large. You can also request custom sizes.

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