Keep Your Aquarium Clean To Rear Happy And Healthy Fish!

Nothing is cosier and more relaxing than having an aquarium in the house. The sound of the water and the cute fish darting and moving here and there in the tank can relieve stress. You can have custom aquariums for your living room, kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom. As long as you are willing to take care of the tank and the fish; therefore, an aquarium is one of the best additions you can have in your home.

Keeping your tank in good shape includes cleaning it and keeping the fish alive and comfortable. This is not a daunting task as long as you follow this simple procedure.

  1. Unplug The Power Before You Start

Some fish aquariums have pumps, water heaters, breathers, light fixtures and filters that run on electrical power. Make sure that they are off during cleaning so that you do not electrocute yourself.

  1. Clean The Hood First

Remove the top and clean if first since you can do that with the fish still inside. You can wipe it down with a dump cloth. Only scrub it if you have some notorious debris stuck on it.

  1. Keep The Fish Safe

When cleaning the main tank, make sure that you have the fish in a safe place first. Scoop some water in a bowl or basin where you can house the fish as you clean. Transfer the fish gently with the help of a fish net into the bowl. Make sure that the water is conducive for the fish. You can feed them lightly so that they lose the trauma of the fish net faster.

  1. Clean The Main Tank

Scrub the tank using an algae scrapper. If you have rocks and artificial plants, wash them under running water and air-dry them. Vacuum away any debris on the bottom of the tank. When siphoning the water, remove at least 25% of the water depending on how dirty it is. Rinse the filter unit and fill up the tank with clean water.

Finally, return all the plants and plug the power back. Let it run for an hour so that the fish will adapt as soon as they get back in.

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