Letting Your Target Audience Know that you are Giving Away Promotional Items

The promotional items of your company can be used as powerful marketing tools in order to boost awareness of your brand and enhance the reputation of your business. Letting people know that you are giving away these products can be done by using some customized gift ideas. Picking promotional materials which suit the way your business is represented will bring more attention to it and build a following of many interested consumers.  Below are some ways you can use your promotional items to get the attention of your target audience.

Social Networking

Take photos of your promotional items and upload them into your social networking accounts. In case you run an athletic clothing shop, post photos of the free items you are offering to loyal customers who will buy your products meeting or even exceeding a specific amount. You can choose to take a photo of the promotional items or let your team members model the marketing tools pointing to the company logo on the clothing or with smiling face. These methods can make your promotional items more attractive to customers. Make sure that you prompt your followers on your social media account to shop at your store or go to check out your site so they can find the nearest retail location of your business.


Store Display

Having your marketing items displayed in your store will draw the attention of your customers and increase the possibility that consumers will ask how they can get these items. Consider displaying a cocktail ring on your mannequin that holds the signature handbag of your company. Put a sign underneath this mannequin to encourage patrons to ask how to get the promotional items. Moreover, you can also put a sign in the window that advertises a free gift once a customer makes a purchase. Use big print or attractive features such as a sign in a bright color or metallic border to draw many customers into the store.


Site Promotion

On your site, consider advertising your plan to offer promotional gifts to customers.  Ensure the words are created as an active link so that customers will click on it and pick from your promotional items. When you are selling home goods and bedding, a set of candles or a free throw blanket can be a great purchase incentive. Also, you can provide customers some practical items like flashlights and tape measures decorated with the logo of your company to let customers know more about your brand and increase the possibility of the family and friends of the customers seeing your logo and patronizing your brand.


Marketing Materials

Your promotional products can be featured in your marketing materials in order to increase and give away gifts. Do not forget to include a small photo of the signature fragrance of your company in the pamphlets, together with details on acquiring the promotional items such as purchasing a full-sized bottle of shower gel or perfume. Make sure that the image can be spotted easily in catalogs by having it placed on the cover or pasted in the catalog each few pages so that patrons will be reminded that they could own the items once they make a purchase.

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