Quick Things to Know About Buying Loose Diamonds!

A lot of buyers are interested in loose diamonds. Some prefer to get their jewelry customized, while others are more interested in investment. Regardless of the reason, buying loose diamonds requires a tad more effort than buying preset jewelry. With many diamond brokers in Brisbane going online, the choices are many, and you don’t even require to visit a shop. In this post, we bring a few tips on what does it take to buy loose diamonds.

Know your diamonds

For starters, diamonds aren’t valued in the same way as gold. To be more precise, there is no standard index, which is also why it is hard to understand if the price quoted by the jeweler is right. Diamonds are basically valued based on 4Cs. The first one is color, which refers to the look of the diamond. A colorless diamond that’s perfect in this context will be given the color grade D. The scale starts from D all the way to Z. The next C is clarity. Diamonds are formed naturally, and therefore, most stones have some inclusions and blemishes, which affects the overall way light reflects through the diamond. More inclusions a diamond has, the lesser price it would fetch. There’s also the third C, which is the cut. Cut determines the brilliance of the diamond and its shape. Carat, which is the fourth C, refers to the weight and not size as many people believe.

Decide your priorities

Diamonds that are flawless, have no inclusions, are colorless with fetch the best price, regardless of the size, and if the diamond is bigger in carat size, it would be among the expensive stones. You may not have the budget for such diamonds, which is why you have to decide what matters the most for your requirements. Let’s say someone wants a big diamond and doesn’t care much about inclusions and color, while another buyer might be interested in a colorless diamond that has a brilliant cut and no inclusions.

Seller and certification

Diamonds are certified by well-known labs, and the reports can be trusted, which is also why Certification is often called the 5th C. Also, it is also a good idea to select a good diamond merchant for your purchase. Keep in mind that reputed merchants are often transparent with their pricing and other details, and you can even choose to seek help to buy a loose diamond.

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