The Evolution of Jewellery

Jewels and ornaments have been an important part of humanity from ancient times. The ancestors loved decorating their bodies with ornaments which were made using bones and teeth of animals and fishes, feathers of different birds, flowers, etc. As humanity evolved, so did the art of ornament making. The remains that were found of the old age man are the proof of how beautifully mankind evolved its art of making ornaments.

Presentation of oneself is important and it was important back then as well. It is also said that people in ancient times were segregated into high class and low class on the basis of how they presented themselves. The high class obviously wore different quality clothes as compared to the lower class. The ornaments and jewels of the high class played a vital role in expressing their status in the community.

As we can see the majority of the things the old age man did back then is not practiced anymore or is practiced only in the tribal regions. The discovery of gold started a new era in the field of ornament making. The shiny and attractive metal caught everyone’s attention and is still successfully doing the same. Its ability to be shaped into different forms gave mankind the freedom to twist and bend the metal into its desired shape and design.

People wearing gold are still considered to be from high-class society and who don’t like the shiny metal? The ancient man started mixing the metal with other elements in order to help it maintain its shape and design. And we still have been following the tradition.

There is only one thing about ornaments that has been changed. For example, earlier, the designs of gold ornaments were heavy and thick. However, the modern age jewel designers prefer subtle and sleek designs of chains, bracelets, anklets, etc. Although people have started looking antique and ancient options for gold chains designs, bracelet designs, earrings, etc.

Well, known designers of Jewellery have also been seen coming up with ancient design jewels which have attracted a lot of customers further boosting their sales and profits. It is evident that even though mankind has evolved to a level that there is no going back to the ancient way of living, the modern art of ornament and jewel making has its own take towards ancient jewel designs and methods. It is also evident that it has been working for them pretty well.